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February 23-National Army Day


On February 23, the Day of the National Army and Armed Forces with Special Greatness is held throughout the Republic of Tajikistan. In this regard, it should be noted that one of the most important pillars of statehood is the reliability of each sovereign state and its Muslim forces. The army or the armed forces at any time is considered the basis of perseverance, the guarantor of security and the provider of peaceful life of the people for any independent country. The army performs a great protective function, further strengthening the child's attachment to his parents, teaching them life lessons and youth. The army is described as a school of masculinity and professional training, where soldiers must conduct military training on a daily basis and protect the protection, vigilance and intelligence of the border of our native country. Protecting the security of the people is the duty of the military, which makes the importance of protecting borders and peaceful life more sensitive.

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